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Transport Connection (hereafter referred to as "TC) (broker MC# 688455) is a licensed and bonded auto transport broker.

TC cannot guarantee delivery and pickup at appointed times specified by you (here after referred to as “the Client”), as carriers generally work within windows of time.

The Client will take care to make sure that the vehicle is present and ready for shipping by TC’s designated carrier within the timeframe specified. If the vehicle is not available for pickup there will be an additional fee of $100 as well as a rescheduling fee. Client affirms that TC and its designated carriers will not be held responsible for delays caused by inclement weather, traffic obstructions in the area, or any other unforeseen even that could cause delay.

Client acknowledges that to get the vehicle on and off the carrier, the vehicle will be driven and must be in operable condition to do so.

Vehicles are assumed to be in operable condition unless specified otherwise. Inoperable vehicles will result in an additional fee of at least $150 to Client. Client agrees to be available to help load and unload inoperable vehicles upon pickup/delivery. TC will, under no circumstances, be held responsible for inoperable vehicles once they are delivered. It is strictly up to the Client to make the appropriate arrangements to have the vehicle moved and stored properly. Should your vehicle not be in operable condition, please state up front so that TC can make the appropriate arrangements and minimize any extra fees. Oversized vehicles will also result in an additional fee of at least $150. Vehicles that become inoperable in-transit and are delivered will be assessed in additional $150 fee.

TC’s designated carriers will exercise care and prudence to deliver the vehicle within the timeframe specified. Timeframes are not guaranteed but rather estimated, therefore, delivery by a specific date cannot be guaranteed but a majority of deliveries are completed within the timeframes specified.

TC will notify you of the anticipated pick up and delivery dates. It is imperative that the Client provide their current home and cell phone numbers as well as the names of any representatives that will be present at the pickup and delivery sites.

All deliveries with a balance due must be paid up in either cash, or by cashier’s check or money order. Notification shall be given to Client within 24 hours of delivery. Should a delivery be attempted but Client is not present, the vehicle will be dropped off at the nearest terminal. Client will then need to pay for storage, redelivery fees, etc.

TC designated carriers will pick up and deliver Client’s vehicle door-to-door. This means that service will be arranged to get as close to these destinations as is physically possible. Low hanging trees, truck restrictions and roadwork are some examples of those circumstances that would hinder door-to-door service. It’s the Client’s responsibility however to meet the carrier in the closest, safest location, which is typically a large parking lot.

Client affirms that s/he is the registered legal owner of the vehicle to be shipped or that s/he has the permission of the legal owners to enter into this Agreement.

Client and his representatives who surrender and pickup the vehicle from TC’s designated carrier will be jointly and severally liable for any and all unpaid charges with respect to shipment, including but not limited to, sums advanced or disbursed by TC or its agents, any and all costs for collection of the debt including attorneys fees.

Client is responsible for prepping vehicle for transport, which should include the following:

*If your car is in working condition*, ensure that there is adequate antifreeze and gas, brake fluids, water, etc. and that your battery is charged.

*Take note of any damage. It doesn’t hurt to take some quick photos of your car and any existing damage.

*Turn off all alarm systems. Provide a duplicate set of keys to the driver.

*Take care to remove any personal belongings and any luxury or decorative items which are removable (i.e. spoilers).

*Secure all items that you are leaving in the car.

*Lower or remove antennas.

*Make a list of all car-related items you have on/inside car so that you can quickly check your list upon pickup.

*Be sure to clean out your vehicle as best as possible. Using your car as a moving container (i.e. packing it with household items, is not permitted).

*If your vehicle is not in working condition this should be brought to our attention so that we can make the appropriate arrangements to move your vehicle.


Do note that your car is fully insured when being transported by the contracted carrier’s liability and cargo insurance. Client will take part in an inspection with driver upon pickup as well as delivery. If any transport damage is noticed it MUST be written on the bill of lading at delivery time, initialed by both parties and reported within 24 hours. Notification to TC should be made immediately or within 24 hours so that proper follow-up can be initiated. TC is not responsible for any damage caused by the designated carrier driver nor any acts of nature. We will, however, assist you with any information you require to initiate your claim with the designated carrier. We cannot, however, file claims with the carrier’s insurance on your behalf. Should you permit a representative to accept delivery, they should be aware of all points noted above. Client is strongly advised to maintain an active auto insurance policy for the vehicle being shipped, which will serve as a backup or secondary policy to the carrier insurance, which is the primary policy.

Neither the designated carrier nor TC will be liable for the following:

1. Any damage to your vehicle that results from weather conditions, such as hail, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, wind, storms, earthquakes, etc.

2. Any mechanical problems, issues or defects in the vehicle which includes but is not limited to the engine/ transmission, batteries, exhaust systems, electrical systems, power windows, seats, clutch, brakes, alignment, suspension, etc.

3. Any claims pertaining to pre-existing damages or hidden (concealed) damages. Client will be solely responsible for loss from normal wear and tear.

4. Any claims pertaining to convertible tops.

5. Any claims pertaining to windshield or chips unless such damage, like a shattered windshield, is the result of transport damage. Any claims regarding road pits, chips or spider cracks (including any pre-existing chips or cracks that spread during transport) are not acceptable claims as transport damage and will not be permitted.

6. Any claims pertaining to missing accessories (i.e. radios, speakers, etc.) will not be permitted unless specified the Carrier’s Bill of Lading upon pick up.

7. Any fines or penalties that may be levied as a result of items being left in the shipped vehicle.

8. Vandalism.


I will pay TC the reservation fee for the services agreed to herein so they are able to reserve a spot on a carrier. I further understand that the “Balance Due” as described herein is the balance that must be paid in full by money order, cashier check, or cash at the time of delivery to the authorized transporter.

All transport bookings require a deposit, the amount of which will vary depending on the pickup and delivery destinations. Bookings can be paid for in full or secured with a non-refundable deposit as specified by TC. COD balances are payable directly to the carrier and all TC quotes are subject to carrier acceptance, at which time they become binding.


With respect to deposits, please note that all deposits are non-refundable. We take great pride in finding you the best, most reputable carriers with the best prices; in doing so we invest a great deal of time and effort into each reservation. Therefore, we regret that we cannot honor refunds for the above circumstances. However, should TC be unable to find you a carrier within 10 business days of the contracted pick up window, your deposit will be refunded in full upon written request as per below cancellation policy.


All orders must be cancelled in writing and delivered by U.S. registered or certified mail return receipt requested by TC. Reservations are refundable at any time if we do not perform our services after 10 business days. If an order is cancelled due to something out of TC control, there will be a $50 non-refundable processing fee. Any cancellation which is listed/posted by a competitor on the national load board within 7 business days of cancellation will be therefore voided and deemed non-refundable. If paid in full on major credit card, there will be a 3% processing fee and the order will be non-refundable and non-disputable at any time.

All pick up and delivery dates are only estimates. TC will not be held responsible for any natural disasters, acts of mother nature, or any other incidents beyond our control. If our designated carrier arrives to pick up your vehicle and it is not readily available, you will be assessed an extra charge as specified earlier in these terms. If our designated carrier cannot complete delivery of the vehicle because Client is not present to accept delivery, delivery will be made to the closest terminal and any fees associated with releasing the vehicle to Client will be paid by Client in cash, money order or certified check form to the carrier before the carrier releases the vehicle to Client.

Client has read and acknowledges the terms and conditions set forth in these pages. Once an order has been submitted and booked, these terms shall become active and binding. Any changes can be made only in writing and with the permission of TC.

By signing this contractual agreement I hereby agree as the "customer" to accept the service which TC provides. By signing you accept responsibility that you are the registered legal owner of the vehicle(s) and have authority to enter into this agreement. Otherwise that you have been duly authorized by the legal owner of the vehicle(s) to enter into this agreement. Whether you have entered your order by phone, email or via our website quote system, you agree to these terms and conditions.



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